Psychotherapy and Life Coaching Ibiza  

Psychotherapy and Life Coaching Ibiza SOUL SERVICE


Soul Service

Psychotherapy & Life Coaching in Ibiza - SOUL SERVICE

offers Integrative Psychotherapy and Life Coaching to visitors and residents of Ibiza

Soul Service can help you if:
- You are facing issues you cannot resolve alone
- You want help to discover your own solutions
- You want to develop yourself to achieve the goals of your dreams
- You are seeking professional guidance to help you along your path

Soul Service is here to help you meet the challenges of life

SOUL SERVICE Psychotherapy & Life Coaching in Ibiza

Integrative Psychotherapy Ibiza SOUL SERVICE
What is Integrative Psychotherapy?

Using a whole range of proven approaches from different schools this contemporary form of psychotherapy is tailored to your precise individual needs and requirements.
Integrative psychotherapy differs from traditional psychotherapy in which a therapist is trained in one theory and usually follows it for the rest of their career. They could belong to any one of the more than 250 distinct schools of psychotherapy.

Soul Service combines a range of approaches from different psychotherapy schools with elements of Gestalt, NLP, PRI and Buddhist psychology.
Starting point is the belief that you already have all the resources you need in life contained within you. You are the one who can unlock, develop and use them.

Soul Service
is there to enable you to make or renew your contact with your own abilities and qualities.
Integrative Psychotherapy offers the perfect way for you to grow as a person.

Psychotherapy in Ibiza - SOUL SERVICE

Life Coaching SOUL SERVICE

What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching enables you to shape your future based on your deepest wishes, desires and dreams. It enables you to live from the heart. From your passions, it gives meaning to your personal and social life. Through focused learning, life coaching works with you to speedily and sustainably increase personal effectiveness in your life and career.
The sole aim of
Soul Service is to work with you to achieve your full potential. Together we can close the gap between dreams and reality.

When would you use Life Coaching?
There are times when all of us want to change something in our lives, but we need a little help and support to achieve our goals. For example, life coaching can help if:
- You’re starting or building a business
- You need to improve a relationship
- You’re dealing with a life-changing event
- You want to make more money
- You feel trapped in a situation

Life Coaching is for anybody who is willing and able to commit to change.

Life Coaching in Ibiza - SOUL SERVICE

Soul Service Ibiza
Psychotherapy & Life Coaching in Ibiza - SOUL SERVICE Soul Service is located in a beautiful finca in the country near San Joan, Ibiza.

Visit the Soul Service website, which has English and Dutch pages, for practical details and much more free information on psychotherapy, coaching, self-development and spirituality.

Contact details regression therapist Tom Kooning

Regression Therapist Ibiza: Tom Kooning - SOUL SERVICE

Soul Service is run by Tom Kooning who was born in 1959 in the Netherlands.
He speaks fluent English and, of course, Dutch.
After graduating as a physician he worked for many years as a medical advisor and occupational physician.
Seeking a new challenge, he graduated as a regression therapist and started his own practice where he enthusiastically integrated other methods into his own way of working.
He is a certified member of the European Association of Regression Therapists (EARTH).

Contact Tom for a totally free introductory interview to see how you can work together to reach your full potential.

+34 673 217 382